Religion of Love, Peace, Compassion, Tolerance,
and Submission, and yes, Joy.

Prophet - Mohammed

Book - The Koran

Osama bin Laden:

Where is the Love in you that your Prophet preached?
Where is the Peace within you?
Where is your Compassion for the people you

Or your Tolerance for any opinion save your own?

Your Prophet Mohammed left a message of
Wisdom and Beauty , a message of Hope and Understanding. A message to be followed, not altered at the whim of every would-be critic.

So are you so egotistical that you think that you
can interpret his words?

That you can perhaps improve on the wisdom of
your own Prophet?

Greater scholars than you have studied the Koran and found it perfect in their eyes, and felt no need to alter it to further their own private agenda.
Why do you?

Nowhere in your Book does it endorse Suicide or Murder or hatred of those of other Faiths.
Nowhere does it propagate the abuse of women or the neglect of children.
But perhaps you think that you, Osama bin Laden, superstar, have the right to manipulate its message? If so, by what Divine Right?

Islam has produced great men and philosophers, men of education and stature with understanding and vision.
You are not one of them.
While theirs is the voice of Reason, yours is the
ranting of a madman.

You are an intellectual and moral pygmy undeserving of their company.
Stature is counted not in inches but in greatness.
There is no greatness in you!

The only thing monumental in you is the breadth of your Ego and the depth of your Depravity.
Your staggering Arrogance is matched only by your astounding Ignorance.

But you would tell the world in your childish words what Allah would have us do, even when it stands contrary to the sacred word of your Prophet?
You would kill and maim and terrorise in the name of your  Prophet, and in so doing desecrate his teachings and blaspheme the very God you claim to serve.

So, Osama bin Laden and your ilk, go back to the caves you share with vermin, vipers and other creatures of the night.
You need have no fear of them.
You know, as they do, that your venom is more powerful than theirs, and longer-lasting.
Their venom attacks the body, while your poison slowly eats away at the very soul of all who come in contact with you.

But, in the fullness of Time, when the books are written and the songs are sung, and they will be;
when good men once again rest in perfumed gardens and eat ripe olives and drink the wine of Love; when women once again dance and children laugh; then, when they remember the glorious poets and philosophers and, yes, warrior heroes, you will
not be among them.

You will be as a piece of dung between the toes of
the footprints of History, a pimple on the face of Humankind, the tiny dot at the end of a badly
written sentence.

The passing nightmare, a tale to scare little children
on a dark night.

Not even an Evil Genius, for there is no genius in

Only a terrible mediocrity.

Totally insignificant.

So, Osama bin Laden, superstar.

To you and your ilk I say:-

I still believe that the Sun energizes and the Rain nurtures.

That the Breeze cools and the Snow invigorates
and makes the world look pretty.

The Moon still ushers in my dreams at night, and
the Stars are still what I wish upon.

The beauty of Poetry and Literature still lifts my spirit, and Music still touches my soul.

A child’s smile is more than ever a thing of joy, and a friend’s touch a sign of caring.

And, yes, red is still the color of roses and berries
and the cheeks of a newborn child and the sunrise.

Not blood.

You see, the One God is Great, and All-powerful
and All-Knowing.

He is also a God of Love, and Compassion and Forgiveness. Of Wisdom and Beauty and Grace.

And it is that very Grace that may shine even on



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©2001 Y. Smidt, Las Vegas, NV, USA All Rights Reserved