You, the Ayatollahs, the Imams, the Mullahs, are
the wise men of Islam, the preachers and teachers of the Koran.

Yours is a fast-growing faith and is represented in countries over the entire globe.

You speak for your congregations.

So I ask you - where is your voice?

You are the learned men of Islam.
You know well that your Book does not condone, in fact condemns absolutely:-

  •  suicide
  •  murder
  •  violence
  •  abuse of women
  •  neglect of children
  •  extremism


You know more than all others that, since its
inception, your faith has promulgated tolerance.

I ask you again - where is your voice?

You are the scholars of Islam.
You teach what the prophet Mohammed taught
  • Love
  • Compassion
  •  Submission to his teachings


The same teachings that have attracted a flock of followers, by virtue of their beauty.
It was your voice, not that of the extremists, that
drew so many to embrace your faith.

But now, where is your voice?

Do the teachings of the Prophet not define themselves? 
Or will you allow the Osama bin Ladens and their
ilk to define Islam in their own way, and stay silent?

Those who would disguise their hatred of Man and call it Love of God?
Who would try to achieve by murder and terror what they have not the intellect to articulate?

Would you have your faith grow because of the wisdom of your Prophet, or be forever remembered as an instrument of murder, terror and intransigence?

Those groups, the terrorists, who call themselves “freedom fighters” even as they usurp the freedom of those whose lands they inhabit, those whose
views are so extreme that Mohammed himself would shrink to embrace them:

Would you have them represent the Muslim faith,
and speak for you?

If not, then in God’s name, where is your voice?
You are the keepers of Islam.

If you join together and speak as one to condemn absolutely the manic ravings and despicable acts of those who profess to act in your name:

If you make abundantly clear that there is no place
for their message of hate in your faith, they will listen.

Or be damned.

You are the guardians of Islam.

You have been chosen for your wisdom and understanding.
Your Prophet gave you a message to preach and a voice to preach it to people far and wide.

Please use it.
Now, more than ever, we need your voice.

The voice of sanity.


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