Elizabeth Alexandrov


Y. Smidt is the pen name of Elizabeth Alexandrov who was born and educated in Scotland, and who passed away on January 25, 2003 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She now is at rest peacefully in a beautiful rose garden at Belle Isles in Ayr, Scotland. Highly educated, she mastered 12 languages during her business travels in Germany, Italy, France, England, Venezuela, The USA and for 17 years in Middle Eastern Countries. Fluent in Farsi, she was the language translator for the family of The Shah of Iran. After escaping from a brief and ugly incarceration during the unrest in that country she returned to The United States where she established The Alexandrov Language Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona. There the company provided translation services for corporations and also for noted Arizona Congressmen and Senators. One time Arizona Woman of the Month, her last major consulting services were provided in Las Vegas for The Tradeco Export-Import Development Association. Her qualified perspective on the parade of terrorism now threatening peaceful nations is clearly stated in this book, "INFIDEL: An Open Letter to Terrorists" which is a most prolific view and critique of the ongoing parade of terrorism in the world and which is the all time put-down on religious fanaticism.

Readers of "INFIDEL" are encouraged to copy portions of this book and send them to their friends. Those interested in translating this book into other languages should contact us at YSmidt@aol.com.


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