After decades of fighting and upheaval, your
warring path brings you to a crossroads.

The future is yours and yours alone to decide. Others can advise, but only the goodwill and the determination of your people can decide the outcome.

You can continue to lose thousands of your best
men in a struggle that is never-ending. On a
see-saw, where one day one side is up, and the
next day the other, but the killing never stops.
And in the end, no-one wins. There are no spoils
left for the victor.

As you look at your country today, without the antagonism of the past, what do you see?

Everywhere you look there is destruction. 
Destruction of the land, of the infrastructure, of a system. 
But most importantly, destruction of a people, a spirit.
Destruction of hope, of a future.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Not now.
The world community is on your side, and willing
to help.

To the young and middle-aged men who have
spent an entire lifetime fighting one side or the
other, there is finally an alternative. For your
country and your children there is finally hope.

After all, what have the past years of constant
strife brought you?

Your women and children still go hungry, because
you cannot provide for them.

You cannot work to provide because your
country is in such perpetual turmoil, that there is
no work to be found.

Would it interest you know that it is not so in all
Muslim countries? That while the daily prayers are said and the rituals of Islam are adhered to, the
men still have a roof over their heads to shelter
their families? That they go to work each day

to earn, not fight for, the money to feed, clothe
and educate (yes, educate) their children, so that their lives will hold more promise than that of their fathers?

That they and their families live in peace, without sacrificing one iota their religious convictions,
indeed strengthening them?

That the great Islamic faith can be lived and celebrated in joy, and not blood?
These believers are no less devout than you are,
and yet they lead lives much more fulfilling than yours.

But it wasn’t always this way in your land, and it doesn’t have to be in the future.

Should you decide that you will eschew the
terrible violence with which you have lived for so
long, often against an enemy, but more often than
not among yourselves, you have the support of
the entire world community, ready and able to
assist you. To help you build the homes you need
to live in, and the businesses you need to flourish. To help open the hospitals and schools without which no nation can function. 

To build roads and airports for easier access to trade, and to offer investment where required.

This is all possible, but only at this time. 
The world is concerned with your present plight,
but it has many distractions, and its patience is
not endless.

A great opportunity has arisen for you in the
wake of so much suffering, but you must grasp it

At this time, when world focus is solely on you,
you must decide what you would like your future
to be. A new beginning, with peace among
yourselves and with great aspirations for the

Or more of the same. 

There may never be another opportunity to
change the course of your future; there will
certainly not be a better one.

So, as you come to this crossroads, think
carefully which path to choose. Your future and
that of your children, who continue to suffer so much, is in your own hands.

Take your time, pray for guidance, and choose

The eyes of the entire world are upon you.

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©2001 Y. Smidt, Las Vegas, NV, USA All Rights Reserved