C H A P T E R   O N E

Let us take a moment out of your day to
contemplate your
heroic, beautiful women, be they mothers or daughters, sisters or wives. Bearers of your children and nurturers of your homes.

How can you for one moment justify your treatment
of them?

It has been said:
"God made women from the rib of of Adam,
Not from his foot to be trodden on by him,
Nor from his fist to be abused by him,
But from under his arm, to be protected
by him
And from close to h
is heart, to be cherished
by him*

When you threw in your lot with the Taliban rabble, how did you protect or cherish them?

The Taliban imprisoned them in the dinge of their homes and you acquiesced, even though the dogs and the cats ran free.

And when they were allowed to emerge, they forced them into a worse prison, that of the dreadful,
stifling burqa. 
And still you acquiesced. 

When they were beaten for the slightest infraction
of their
“rules”, and even shot for who knows what in the eyes of your Taliban, again you acquiesced.

Where was your protection then? How many of you stood up in outrage?

While you and your “warriors” were sitting picking
the sand
from your toes, deciding which of your enemies should diethat day, your women sat home trying to keep your children alive long enough for
the nightmare to be over.

While you were drinking tea and eating food stolen from the mouths of your babes, rejoicing over the next day’s expected victory, your women were trying to nourish their children on mouldy bread and water, agonizing over which of them would be the first to
die of malnutrition or the disease that inevitably accompanies it.

While you grieved over your fallen comrades, your womenburied your dead children.

And still you did nothing.

There is not a nation on God’s earth that does not elevate its women, or celebrate their beauty, or rejoice in their intelligence and compassion. Except perhaps yours and the few other lands that share your views.

It must terrify you, then, when you learn that your women cannot be bowed, no matter how many times you beat them or threaten them. The women who
were once held in such
high regard as teachers and doctors, nurses and lawyers, judges and politicians, and yes, homemakers, have, as always in history, risen above their situation, and triumphed.

The once and still proud women of Afghanistan
and their 
sisters have found within themselves the courage that you lack. They have drawn upon it and in doing so, shame you.

The teachers, who on pain of death, still gather in secretplaces each day to educate children so that their young minds can be stimulated and their lives given some dignity.
Who teach not the ravings of some mad mullah, but the wisdom of the ages.

The nurses and doctors who care for their sisters
and their children, whom you will not permit to be treated, and in doing so save lives while risking
their own.

The thousands who give comfort, having nothing
else to give.

When you look back on your heroes of this time,
you need look no further than your glorious, proud, beaten but never bowed women. Look on them with pride.

For they are the true heroes of Afghanistan! And then,  perhaps you will learn how to protect and cherish them.

Just as, in spite of all their terrible trials and tribulations, they protected and cherished you.

It may be well that you keep them in the burqa for a little longer. It hides their beautiful eyes, and it may be that looking into those eyes would make you tremble in fear.
And you would have cause to.

To all of the brave and courageous women , keep strong!

When your men have been long forgotten, you will
be remembered. 

I promise you, the world will not forget!

History will not forget!

And God will not forget!

*  Anonymous

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