Because we are “there”?

You are right, of course. We are “there”, and have been for some time.

When your brother-in-hate, Saddam Hussain, invaded Kuwait, simply because he could, we were there to fight back his forces and to help protect a small country from a bully. After he was routed, we stayed in your homeland, may I say at the behest of
its rulers, to pre-empt any further attacks by the Butcher of Baghdad, and to help keep the peace.

We didn’t stay to colonize, or to impose our lifestyle -we have countries of our own - but to lend some stability in a difficult time.

When your brothers in Kuwait were being attacked,
we were there.
Where were you?

And in Bosnia, when your fellow Muslims, your brothers, were being systematically decimated by another Butcher, we sent our young men and
women, at risk to themselves, to help, and in so
doing, managed to halt a massacre and start a process of peace, which continues to this day.

When your fellow Muslims in Bosnia were under
attack, we were there.

You were never seen.

In Kosovo, when that same Butcher massacred thousands of your fellow Muslims, and forced them, old, young, and infirm, to flee their homeland, we were there to feed and clothe them, give
them shelter and medical care, and even refuge. It was a monumental task.

But we were there. You were nowhere to be found.

You only slithered out of your cave when it was all over, to condemn the very people from so many countries who were instrumental in putting an end to the barbarism of the Butcher of Bosnia. (Strange that there are always a lot of butchers in lands
with no meat, which cannot feed their people).


Yes, we were there, and I’ll tell you, we will always be there as long as people suffer at the hands of self-imposed tyrants whose only weapon is terror,
because they have neither the foresight nor the intellect to manage the very lands they usurp.

We will be there as long as people are oppressed,
and hungry or in need of care and shelter and a little hope. For a long time we have been where you now are, in Afghanistan, feeding and clothing the
starving population, and we will continue to help as long as we are needed.

Which, since your days are
numbered, may not be too long now.

We were there, we are there, and as long as a woman or child is hungry or sick, we will continue to be
there. With pride.

Whether you are there or not.

Of course, in your convoluted thinking, we are only there to steal your oil. Isn’t that one of your mantra?
The same oil that, for a very long time, was under
the ground you sat on. We located it, accessed it
and refined it. We were welcome then. And now we buy it from you. Of course, oil is very important to
our economy, but it may become less so as time goes on and we find new areas of energy. And we will.

Unlike you, we educate our people, and one of
them will find an answer to alternate energy.

It might even be solar, and then what will you do?

We have a lot of sunshine,too, and it would be a difficult product for you to export.

But we have many other resources, like agriculture, which feeds us, while you have ruined yours.
So will you feed your people oil, and have them quench their thirst with it?

The same oil that fuels our economy also fuels the economies of your more enlightened neighbours in the region. Wise men, they have used that revenue
to expand and build and better the lives of their people.
Up to and including your own father, Bin Laden, who has built an impressive and powerful empire through judicious use of the assets made available through oil revenues. That’s where your money came from, after all.

We don’t have to steal your oil. We are hard-
working people and can afford to buy it.

But I forgot, it’s our capitalist system.
The system you’re always ranting about.

The same system that you avail yourself of, and
have done for many years. I mean, you have a great deal of money to throw around, so you use the international stock markets to increase your dividends, and, of course, international banks to keep it in and often hide it in.

You buy and sell arms and other weapons of destruction on theinternational market, since you
are unable to produce them yourself, and finance your terror network through capitalist channels, you know, the mail, the internet, the good old-fashioned telephone!

As for you, Osama bin Laden, you inherited a
fortune from your
extremely rich and powerful
family, which made its money through
legitimate use of the capitalist system. But while they were
designing and creating and constructing great buildings, you were focused on demolishing them.

Of course, in so doing, you took the name of a
proud and powerful family, Bin Laden, and dishonored it to the point where it is now forever associated with Evil, Terror and Ignominy.

Small wonder they disown you! And our modern gadgets, that you would have your followers
believe are the devil’s tools, what of them? Your fellows-in crime, the Taliban, the Muslim Mafia, hate them so much that they have stripped them totally from their people.

But you yourselves do not seem to be subject to
that same rule of "law". It appears that every time
we catch a glimpse of you, there is a rifle in one
hand, (made overseas, since your people are incapable of producing them); there is almost always a cell phone in the other hand, which doubtless requires batteries since where you live, electricity is not a given.
We know you communicate on the
internet, and posture and preen for the television cameras like a bad actor in a second-rate
Hollywood movie. Could it be that:
“All animals are equal,
But some are more equal than others”?*

Your reasoning is at best convoluted and, at worst,
full of the rankest hypocrisy.

But then, it always is.

And the monsters you send out to wreak havoc in your name don’t travel by donkey. They fly first
class in planes. They stay in hotels which are increasingly full of the latest technological gadgetry.

They watch TV in the room, and sometimes eat microwaved food. They rent cars, visit malls, wear watches,  and so on and so on.

Of course, in their hands they can be the devil’s
tools, and very often are.

And how do you communicate with them? How do they know when to blow up a building to kill innocent people?Do you send out messages via camel?

Or do you avail yourself of some of our Western “gadgets” that you so despise?

Inanimate objects have no agenda for good or evil, only those who use them.

As you do.

So it must be our culture.
Our depraved society, replete with scantily-clad women and men who lust after them.

This, from the region that brought the world the seduction of
the Belly-dancer, and the even more erotic Dance
of the Seven Veils!

And could it be that you force your beautiful
women into the
horror of the burqa because your
men have so little self-control that the slightest square inch of a woman’s flesh would send them
into a paroxysm of lust?

It is strange then, that so many of our clubs and casinos have a healthy clientele from your part of
the world; so much so that many could not survive without them.

But enough said.
Your hypocrisy is overwhelming.
End of story.

So that only leaves Palestine. Of course it does.

That beautiful region torn apart by mistakes of the past and those of today. Where blood is still shed, and innocent people still die while the world seems helpless to intervene, and mistrust runs deep.
Tell me, when did you learn about Palestine?

It must have been fairly recently, since you have neither mentioned it nor shown any interest in it until now.

Could it be that you would use such a tragic
situation to inflame your people?

That you would take advantage of the pain and suffering of that benighted land to further your own agenda, rather than theirs?

Of course it could!

And it is a tragedy.

But, even as you sit in your cave surrounded by
your sycophants, there are many men and women of good character and faith on both sides of the issue, who struggle on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to try to bring some sanity to a supremely difficult situation.
All men of good will would pray each night that
peace will prevail.

You, obviously, are not one of them.

And if you did, would anyone listen?

*  Orwell

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